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Watch for the announcement of adding our newest hospital who will be supporting the Beads of Courage program in Pennsylvania

On September 14th we will be announcing the addition of our 2nd hospital in Pennsylvania which will support the Beads of Courage program. It’s a dynamic specialty hospital that addresses the needs of the child patient and their family. It is truly an exciting time for our foundation as we expand  our commitment of providing support to children in Pennsylvania being treated for chronic illnesses.

The Palermo Heart-to-Heart Foundation is a 501© charitable organization dedicated to helping others. This foundation continues to make a difference by hosting an annual invitational golf tournament fundraiser.

beads-of-courage-squareOver 22 years ago, Attorney James Palermo and a group of family members helped organize the initial golf tournament as a fundraiser for Frank “Froggy” Palermo. Soon after a tradition began, this is now the 15th official year, attracting 36 foursomes ranging from the high handicap and fun-loving, once-a-year golfers to the low handicap serious golfers. Your support over the years is what continues to make this tournament a success.

One of the unique aspects of this tournament is how a special group of family and friends volunteer their time to make this event so successful. As a foundation, we dedicate ourselves to raising donations to help those in need. Thanks to our amazingly generous sponsors The Palermo Heart-to-Heart Foundation has been able to donate over $50,000 the past 13 years to local individuals who were suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Four years ago, a designated portion of the donations were specifically for sending selected families to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It is just another extension of the Palermo Heart-to-Heart Foundation’s mission to bring a smile to someone’s face and make a difference.

Gifts In-Kind contributions are also being sought to add to our prizes and awards, which are offered at the tournament. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to gathering with our family and friends to enjoy a day of golf, food, and refreshments. All of your contribution dollars are tax deductible and, more importantly, stay local.

Thank you for your continued support.

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